Sam was in an editorial meeting for the newsletter when I got there yesterday but they were just finishing so I didn’t get to spy. (Darn!) When I entered his room and he wasn’t there I took the moment to jot down the list of visitors from his guest book (Phil and Lorraine gave him this and what a great thing it is – Sam is quite attached to making sure everyone DOES “sign in”, smile).
Since September 1:

Connie and Debbie Kendrick
Jamie Theriault
Linda Cornish
Tom Zopf
Joel and Alshayer (sp?) Schlesinger
Susan Tavolli
Steve Anderson
Toby Price
Carrie Arbuckle
Barbara Dirks
Bill McKim
Joanne and Dave Corey
Impressive, huh? The old guy still draws folks to him! Speaking of which, we rode the elevator up from the Activities Room with a couple of guys from the hospital (ambulance drivers with a gurney). They chatted with Sam (first name basis) and teased him about getting girls to push him around. “How’d you manage that?” “Well……” “Oh, THAT’s the answer!” ๐Ÿ˜‰
When we entered his room, he pointed out that sketch of himself again (I forgot who did it, wrote about it a few blogs back) and flowers from …. Debbie Kendrick (I’m pretty sure, I seem to have lost one page of my notes!), and then read a postcard from Phil & Lorraine (I don’t know if Sam couldn’t read it cuz he has trouble with his vision – his eyes tear frequently or if it was Phil’s handwriting…!) I only had about a half-hour, so we immediately got down to business: I had a report on Carla from Paul & Karen, some jokes, the last blog post and 4 comments to it, where did he want to start? “The jokes.” ๐Ÿ™‚
The one Pat posted to the weblog got a big grin, and the one from Jean Jenson-Shields (about the glass eye) drew a marked rolling of the eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are a few other jokes folks have sent but I’d forgotten that pile, so will share them with Sam next time. (Sorry!)
We dove into the comments next…Dick, we’re relieved that Emily is doing alright – and you too. Sam was at a loss (for the moment, only, I’m sure) to come up with a suitable tease about all that caregiving you’re doing…! At any rate, hope everything continues to progress well for both of you and that “damn fine job” continues. (At some point we’ll get Emily’s perspective, right?) ๐Ÿ˜‰
Nona, Sam was pretty quiet upon learning that Cody is in the thick of things in Iraq. Of course he’s praying for all of you. He pointed out Cory’s picture to me as Cody’s brother – he doesn’t have one of Cody. They are both “great nephews”, sons’s of Nona’s daughter Kelly. (Did I get that right?) Sam recalled that Kelly has just started back to school for her nursing degree (go Kelly go!).
And, he does recall “hernia belts” – his brother Herman had one for a long time. Herman died, Sam couldn’t remember when. I’m not sure where in the line-up Herman fit? There were 11 siblings if I recall, of which Sam’s the baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ His oldest sister is still alive, isn’t she? (I forget her name.) And sister Edith – I also don’t know where you fit – are you the youngest of the sisters? Otherwise the rest have all passed on, some of them quite young, if memory serves.
Talking about hernia belts reminded me of one of the classic stories from my childhood about Sam and my dad. This was one they always recounted when they saw each other (for years Sam would visit us in Denver on his way to see his family). Dad had an emergency rectal surgery for….a hernia? ulcer? piles? who knows, the important point was that while he was recovering Sam called him up in his hotel room and asked (point blank, as you ALL know is Sam’s custom): “How’s your ass?” My dad, laughing – and possibly crying at the same time, said, “Don’t make me laugh!”
Thanks for your note, Bea, with the info about the other folks who met Sam at SIT a few weeks ago. He remembers Karen, she’s a PIM instructor of English (I didn’t jot it down, but I think this is what Sam said) who finished her phd at UMass (where I am now ~ although a different department, I’m in Communication.)
Sam wasn’t at all surprised to get Al’s automated message that he’s traveling. Did he just finish a book on bilingual children? I wasn’t sure if Sam meant it as a recent publication or an older one. I found the travel guide to Mexico online. ๐Ÿ™‚
Sam also recalled that your son, Mario, is a strong Bush supporter. (We won’t hold that against him, smile.)
My time was done now, so we didn’t get to Carla’s report. Next time. Sam commented again on the “beautiful flowers” from Debbie. He really loves having live things and colors in his place.
Hugs to all!

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  1. Steph and Sam, thanks for the update. For an update of mine, I teach in the PIM program at SIT – an expansion of ICT, and I received my doctorate, yes in May, but from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.
    Sam, it was great to see you at SIT. I also saw Joel and Abhaya which was great – just like old times! Love, Karen

  2. hi sam…a sunny day today here …gutter work being done–old house stuff—our pantry has moths and we have to toss everything – then paint and re-stock–Lorraine still recovering from horrid cold that we don’t want to pass on to you–Paul&Karen stopped by Saturday–be up to Bratt soon…phil

  3. So, Sam, you didn’t like the glass eye joke? are you losing your sense of humor? that one came from my mom.
    Jamie is doing well, but next week, she starts on a 3 day stay in the hospital every week for two months. they will be doing a 24 hour chemo drip every week, that’s why she has to stay so long. please keep her in your prayers.
    came home tonight to one of my dogs (Barney) who had gotten himself stuck in the dining room adn peed all over himself.
    this morning ( at 4:00 a.m.) , he had poopes in the kitchen, so, to the laundry roon I went, sh,,, everywhere!! now you can laugh. now, he is lying next to me as I type this and is farting uncontrollably!!! such a lovely dog. he is old, but still…
    we have a new cat, given to us by Jamie, and she is such a stinker. gets on the counter in the kitchen, meows very loudly, but all in all, she is a good cat. her name is jessie Millie.
    newton just spent some time at the vet with a blocked urethra. $330.00 later, he is back and hopefully getting better. callie is just the same. too many critters here. need to move back to Vermont for more room.
    Well. Sam, have to see about some dinner. Steph, thanks for taking such good care of Sam.
    Love to you, jean

  4. I’m eating a delicious lunch at an internet cafe in Missoula–a ham, spinach and tomato crepe.
    I’m back on the Nez Perce Trail, working on revising my book “Following the Nez Perce Trail.” 17 years ago i DID have a laptop (one of the very first) but there wasn’t internet. I did NOT have a cell phone (call me at 380-8025, a Putney number), a digital camera or a GPS (how does THAT work?) Including my daily organizer that’s 4 little metal boxes i carry in my pocketbook. Whew.
    I visited Chief Joseph’s grave on the EXACT 100th anniversary of his death. That’s the usual synchronicity when i’m on the trail.
    I had to apply for a research permit in order to talk to any Nez Perce elders. The permitters will get back to me in 45 days (or maybe 2 years). Is that “red” tape?

  5. tell Sam that the leaves up here at SIT are turning colors – early I think. The new students ages 22-60 seem quite cool and mature – not as out there as they often seem.
    ~ via email

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