overdetermination of suffering

Well, I don’t know, but I would guess that we ended up about where Lisa was hoping we’d end up in our discussion last night. 🙂 I was noticing how oriented I am to “structure of feeling”, how Marxist-oriented (or at least well-grounded) many (most? all?) of the new cohort is, and now wondering about poststructuralist group dynamics. 🙂 Someone was telling me that the first round of this class was tough (in some respects) because the students had such different interests….I imagine we do too, but we pulled off quite a participatory discussion that (from my subjective space of point of view, smile) was a thinking-together which generated new knowledge (although to what degree and how much varied, I’m sure). Probably I’m in this mode because of an intellectual interaction between this class and Stephen’s (where we’re discussing inclusive democracy, how to make room for difference).
In this class, I’m still struggling with the notion of overdetermination, which is used by Althusser and Freud, among others. My penchant for group dynamics and forms of social metonymy (when the microsocial “stands in” for the macrosocial), has me thinking about the valences individuals bring to group membership & participation….which I’d just bet can easily be overdetermined in a parallel way as Gibson-Graham et al used it (building on Althusser).
Anyway, congrats to Erin for nailing the inverse equation of “suffering” being the possible overdeterminant instead of “class”!

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