first class

Stephen made a typical grand entrance, kvetching about the campus cop who hassled him en route. 🙂 He’s also pulled his usual stunt of mixing us up with an undergrad (welcome Jamie! I’m sure you’ll fit right in) and given us an impressive lot of books to read and ideas to ponder.
Viveca (pushing her statute of limitations, as she says), Donna, and Brian drove most of the discussion last night; usefully for me, as I became aware of some huge gaps in my basic knowledge. Just when am I supposed to read Habermas (I missed the recommended title, but I gather its 1200 pages, and he authored many pieces) and Hegemony and Socialist Strategy?
Meanwhile, I enjoyed Wolin‘s piece in Benhabib on “Fugitive Democracy.” (PDF available for download – just search.) The concept of fugitive democracy is in many of his works.
What struck me is its resemblance to the conceptualization James and I have of “problematic moments” in which contesting/contrasting discourses emerge simultaneously in talk and a group must choose between recognition or repression.
Overall, everyone’s voice got in at some point (a feature of Stephen’s classes which I value highly) and I’m psyched. (I did squelch a desire to just let out a holler on a few different occassions.) 🙂

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