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Dear EarthAction Partners & Friends,
The outcome of the US election this November 2 will have a tremendous impact
on the future of the whole world.
With this in mind, EarthAction has launched a new global campaign called
“Earth to America”. We are collaborating with 4 other organizations through
a new Internet Gateway, “The World Speaks”, to bring written and video
messages from individuals and organizations worldwide to American voters
before November.
Earth to America’s goal is for Americans to hear directly from people around
the world about how the outcome of the 2004 US election — and the policies
that will follow — will directly affect their lives.

Earth to America is non-partisan and we welcome letters expressing a variety
of opinions. We are not asking you to tell Americans who to vote for, rather
to express your opinion about the impact of this election on the world at
– Send a message to American voters at:
– Visit the other websites listed below to send a video message and
participate in other ways. Our site has links to them all.
– Copy and send this email to your family, friends, networks & media
– Make a donation at to help us bring
millions of messages from people worldwide to Americans.
IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN VOTER, please copy and send this message to your
contacts worldwide, and make a donation to help us bring the faces and
voices of the world to the eyes, ears and hearts of Americans before the
Thank you. Time is of the essence. Please take action today. Together we can
create a more just, peaceful and equitable world.
Lois Barber
Executive Director, EarthAction
P.S. Here is the information about the groups that are collaborating.
The World Speaks ( is creating an global
online gateway that facilitates a multimedia dialogue between Americans and
non-Americans in advance of the US presidential election. Through, the 700 million people connected to the
Internet on every continent have the opportunity to talk, write and send
video messages to Americans about their hopes and concerns for the most
anticipated and important US election in recent history. And Americans are
With only two months to go before Election Day, lifts the quality of debate while bringing
the discussion down to an intimate and personal level. No press secretaries,
no ministry spokespersons, just real people with real concerns. Whether
non-Americans support Bush or Kerry, they want US voters to think about the
world before they drop the ballot. And recent polls clearly show that
Americans care what the world thinks, understanding that security at home
starts with being respected internationally.
The World Speaks is a spontaneous collaboration between five international
websites based in Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and the USA.
Together, they have a collective audience that runs up in the hundreds of
thousands, and through media partnerships and syndication, millions.
The five groups are:
Earth to America —
Earth to America will bring the faces and voices of the world to the eyes
and ears of US voters before the 2004 elections. Our goal is for Americans
to hear directly from people worldwide about how the outcome of the 2004 US
election — and the policies that will follow — will directly affect their
lives. Earth to America will contact over 2,000 organizations in more than
160 countries that are Partners in the EarthAction Network, and invite them,
and their millions of members, to send messages from the Earth to America
site. – My America: Letters to Americans is a website for debate about global politics
and culture. Leading up to the US election openDemocracy is publishing a
weekly exchange of letters in which Americans and non-Americans share their
thoughts and feelings about the world’s lone superpower. My America: Letters
to Americans delivers a wide range of fresh, provocative and stimulating
exchanges as politicians, writers, and artists with differing viewpoints
describe what America means to them. Letters exchanges so far have included:
Chinese human rights activist, Wei Jingsheng and Anne-Marie Slaughter of
Princeton University; British economist Will Hutton and Grover Norquist of
Americans for Tax Reform; Indian editor Antara Dev Sen and Dinesh D’Souza,
writer of What’s So Great About America. This project is an example of what does best, assisting hard thought about global issues
through strong argument and counter-argument.
Talk to US –
“Pretend your camera leads straight into the living rooms of all 300 million
Americans, and then answer the question: “What would you like to say to the
people of the United States?” Talk to US is a global forum created to
broadcast the ideas, concerns, or stories of people around the world to
ordinary US citizens through short video clips. World citizens record their
opinions, and submit them to The video clips,
captured by professional filmmakers, as well as by anyone with a video
camera and the desire to express themselves, already feature people from
more than 15 countries and turn global issues from impersonal statistics
into personal stories. It is these stories that have the power to open
hearts and minds, raise important questions and create connections across
borders. Some of the partners in this project include: Americans for
Informed Democracy, American Voices Abroad, Global Exchange, Link TV, Mercy
Corps, National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture, OneWorld TV and
YMDI/Media Rights.
Voices ’04 —
Voices ’04 combines the personal quality of letter-writing with the massive
scale of global and instantaneous electronic communication. Launched exactly
one year in advance of the 2004 U.S. presidential election, the project
invites all non-U.S. citizens to submit Dear America letters and all U.S.
voters to contribute statements to the world. The result is a much needed
exchange of ideas among those who can vote on November 2nd and those who
cannot. Authors of Voices ’04 letters can write on any number of topics:
including specific foreign policy issues, the Republican, Democratic, and
Third Party candidates, the electoral process, or the current state of
America-World relations. To date, the site has received letters from world
citizens based in the U.K., France, Austria, Germany, Russia, Egypt,
Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, The Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Australia, China,
Haiti, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Voices ’04 is supported in part
by the University of Toronto’s McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology. — is the first global e-democracy experiment and
provides citizens around the world with a voice in the US election. The idea
is to hold a mock election via the Internet at individual discretion, giving
everyone around the world with access to the Internet the chance to cast a
vote. Bush or Kerry? Voters choose the candidate they think is best for the
world, giving reasons for their choice. The final outcome of the global vote
for the U.S. President will be published on November 2, 2004. During the
election campaign, intermediate polls will be published as well allowing
U.S. citizens to take world opinion into account when making their own
decision. This is what seeks to be: a community for the
world’s citizenry to let present and future presidents know what they expect
of the world’s most powerful state. gives everybody a
chance to be counted.
Press contacts:
Kajsa Klein (English or Swedish): +46 733 908819 (Europe)
Solana Larsen (English or Spanish): +1 (646) 220-1459 (USA)
Or email: and we’ll get back in touch with you.
Lois Barber
Executive Director,
EarthAction & the World Future Council
30 Cottage St., Amherst, MA 01002 USA
Tel: +1 413 549-8118

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