big grins!

Sam was delighted to be teased by so many of you about how he got his black eye. 🙂 However, he re-asserted (with a straight face!),

6 thoughts on “big grins!”

  1. [via email]
    So sweet [Sam] is about my time there. I so enjoyed us “sneaking” beer in there and acting as though we were somehow corrupting him. Another one of our adventures. I do enjoy seeing stories about him, and his thoughts about things in general. Wish I cud have a beer with u two now, and ponder the meaning of life. Sigh

  2. hi sam…enjoying the NOT going back to school mode….other things take its place–emptying the pantry due to a moth infestation–haave to really clean and then paint–a bigger job than it looks –will be up soon –how can we get Rick Scott’s e-mail address?? take care, love, P&L

  3. If I get any decent jokes I’ll send them on……and I’m glad he gets his beer!
    ~ via email.

  4. Ciao Bello!
    So “Hatch” came back to you — glad it made you grin, as Mom was sure smilin’ when she reflected on the term and the good times you all had.
    So fantastic that Steph can get all the comuniques to you. Thanks from us all Steph, you go girl!! “Catch ya at the look-out point,” J.

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