a hopeful sign?

Acording to this opinion piece, “claims that evangelicals have hijacked the nation’s politics are greatly exaggerated. In fact, polling data show that President Bush’s political base is not religious but economic, the group he jokingly referred to as ‘the haves and the have mores.’
“The General Social Survey found that 20 percent of American voters have family incomes of more than $75,000 a year, while twice that many earn $30,000 or less. The high-income group (about the same size as the evangelicals) votes Republican by an 18-point margin, while the low-income group favors Democrats by 24 percentage points. If the Republicans were to lose their 18-point advantage among the affluent, it would cost them about four percentage points nationwide in the election, more than twice the cost if they were to lose their edge among evangelicals.”

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