why blog?

In the last couple of days, a few different people have asked me about the blog – why do it? What’s my goal? How can I share so much? With strangers? Or, perhaps most importantly, with those I know?
I have all kinds of reasons – it’s an archive for me of my own academic thoughts-in-progress, a central place for random thoughts on areas of professional interest (interpreting, social change, social justice), and a place to represent myself wholistically, as I see/understand my own experience in the moment. A way to buck the intense culture of insularity in our department (and perhaps all of academia) which I think functions to bifurcate our professional and personal selves and foster the illusion that they’re not related.
As synchronicity would have it (!), last night I finished reading the May/June Utne Reader which had a section on fear. They included some excerpts from You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear by Frances Moore Lappe (of the Small Planet Institute and Jeffrey Perkins.
The issue closes with a feature on Celia Perez, who authors a zine, I Dreamed I Was Assertive. She describes how they function as “…my preferred method of therapy, my inconsistent journals, and an amazing way to connect with people across the world”.
punkhermit found a basis for more commonalities than me. ­čÖé Her blog, Kicking Against the Pricks: A Music Journal of Sorts is one for the rss.

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