Uncle Sam

[The BM] came with me to visit Sam today. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. I was surprised ~ and happy ~ when she said, “Let’s go there first!” She’s seemed more eager and willing to see me lately; we had a cozy time.
Sam’s speech is getting a lot harder to understand, but after awhile [the BM] could understand what he was saying without needing me to translate. She’s been afraid to go see him for a long while now. I think its been too hard to see what’s happening to Sam’s body at the same time that her dad was sick. The nursing home isn’t the greatest place in the world…one of those social services we can’t seem to fully fund…anyway, today Hannah commented, “I don’t know if I’d want to work here.” I said, “It’s a really hard job.”
A lot of the staff is great. Larry helped us today (we walked in, no Sam! he was actually in the restroom. shh!) but there are others too – Sam is great about always making introductions(!). Many of the nurses and aides are really friendly.

Sam was happy to see us, commented on how cute [the BM] is (as if she doesn’t get that all the time!), and immediately inquired about school, what grade she’s be entering this fall. She didn’t understand him, so I repeated what he said (with a bit of a question to him verifying I’d heard accurately.) After we checked out some of his toys (a stuffed teddy bear and yak from Christmas, a rocket-ride from his birthday, he asked [the BM] about her travels. She asked me if that meant only after school was out and I said, “No, you can tell him everything.” So she did: Utah, Paris, Czech Republic (oh, and Austria and Germany)…”and in about a week I’m going to Nova Scotia!”
Sam quizzed her about Paris and she must have named two dozen places. 🙂
They were chatting along pretty well now (I had already made a bunch of jokes about my “wild guesses. Sam knows what he’s trying to say, and I know he knows what he’s trying to say,” but I don’t know *what* he’s trying to say and sometimes my guesses are pretty wild, “we just forge on,” etc.). Sam did ask about one place in Paris (forgive the French I can’t even try to spell) and we couldn’t figure it out, but [the BM] did then recall another place we hadn’t already heard about. 🙂
By now, [the BM] was about done with being there. She got hungry, so we had to boogie.
I should share though, that I read out loud to Sam the emails and comments I received after the last blog. He was visibly shaken, Dick, when he learned the news about Emily. “Tell him I am terribly upset by Emily’s condition. And very upset that she was hospitalized for so long.” He sends all his love and best wishes to both of you, along with all your family and friends.
Jean, Sam was also sad to learn about your step-daughter but hopes she stays in remission. He wants you to know that he also thinks of you and misses you.
He misses everyone, I think, but is in amazingly good spirits given the way his whole dang body has just crapped out on him.

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  1. Nona emailed from Colorado with an update on Cory, who’s doing landscaping, and Cody, who may soon be deployed. Nona is working parttime at some wineries as a taster (!) and doing sales. Kelly is on her way back to school to become an RN.
    Ray and Janine are back from travels in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.
    And she reports a couple of deaths: the wives of both George Young (last week) and Don Foster (last year).

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