telling me about myself

Swati and Ingrid took turns tonight telling me about myself. 😉 First, Swati commented on the fact that I tend to say something self-deprecating when I talk about what I do. She said, “education people do that”, and I wondered, if it’s transparent, what good does it do me? 😉
Then Ingrid got started. (I’m supposed to be nice but you should hear her after a few glasses of wine!) 😉 She’s been on the trip of telling me how stubborn I am. Denise is on the same theme. Ingrid says, “how many times are you going to hit your head against the same wall?” Denise says, “you tend to put yourself in the line of fire a bit too often.”
I tried to debate the difference between stubbornness (I doubt Ingrid would agree with the disagnosis of Character Deficiency Syndrome but the piece is too hilarious to ignore) and conviction (which is most commonly used in reference to criminals, not beliefs!) with her tonight, but she wasn’t buying into it. Kept going off on tangents about my attention-seeking behaviors. At least until she realized I really wasn’t being loud to attract others’ attention, I was just being clueless! 🙂

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