Sudan and Flows

Just read in Critt’s blog an interesting post about the four flows – people, energy, FDI (foreign direct investment) and security – posited as crucial to globalization processes closing the gap between core and peripheral nations.
He’s summarized a piece advocating for “true globalization – whatever that means? It seems predicated on an assumption that integration between what the author calls “the Core” and the “Non-Integrating Gap” is desirable and/or inevitable. That presumption notwithstanding, the article is quite interesting in its analysis of recent international events:
“The perturbations of the global system triggered by Sept. 11 have done much to highlight both the limits and risks of globalization, as well as this country’s current and future role as “system administrator” to this historical process. For example, the vast majority (almost 95 percent) of U.S. military interventions over the past two decades have occurred within the Non-Integrating Gap. That is, we tend to “export” security to precisely those parts of the world that have a hard time coping with globalization or are otherwise not benefiting from it.”

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