Stone Wall II

John is a rock. He’s just steady and keeps on going and doesn’t get stressed (or at least doesn’t show it) when I fiddle with this or that way of putting the dang thing together. We cranked on the wall today, not withstanding Sarbjeet’s “lostness” and Denise’s general disparagement. 🙂 She didn’t miss a moment to tell me what a pathological, delusional mess I am, and Sarbjeet was (apparently) less motivated cuz Lynn wasn’t here to impress – last year you should have seen how hard he worked! 🙂 I, of course, have no such excuse. I’m simply leaving my mark.
On top (!) of it all there was Frankie and Bardsley. Oh my. A horny boy and a timid girl. Yikes! Both these pups need to get fixed!

4 thoughts on “Stone Wall II”

  1. Could you post this comment: “I noticed that the people of color,
    who ironically were an Indian and a Jamaican (former British slaves and
    subjects) were the only two people on the worksite not being paid in real
    wages. Instead we received rations and a few hours of down time when we could
    bathe, eat our rations and visit our relatives on distant plantations (in
    Northampton in Springfield).”

  2. I agree. At Vermont, I came narrowly close to becoming a bonded laborer for life…I even have the scars on my ankle to show for the shackles that I escaped from, the more invisible and the stronger ones are those of (and in) my mind. I call upon other friends of Steph (and mine) to report their similar labor(ious) experiences with Steph so that we can cast away the yokel that she has so dexterously placed on us that we even do not recognize it. It is time to do away with the false illusions….I have a dream….

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