Schroedinger’s SQUID

Now I’m getting excited! This SQUID technology proves energy can flow in two directions (to/fro) at the same time! Talk about FLOW! 🙂
This exchange between Bodavor, Jonathan, and Dan is not contexted, but – besides its reference to Schroedinger’s SQUID – it is fascinating in its speculation about leaps of intelligence (I’d say “in subjectivity”) being induced (?) by language, and its implications for human evolution.
Everyone keeps referencing a Scientific American article but it keeps coming up “page missing.” 🙁 Here’s something from Complexity Digest (which I’d like to add to my rss feed). These folk are also onto Self-Organization.
When I really want to get serious, here’s a dissertation, The Nine Lives of Schroedinger’s Cat, that “surveys nine different interpretations of non-relativistic quantum mechanics.” One of the nine is “the idea that the mind causes collapse”, which I was just writing about recently. 🙂

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