not rational

I’ve been at the house here in VT for three nights so far. B&H are vacationing in Cape Breton. Things have generally been ok; I’ve been productive and had good spirits (most of the time). Some confluences have caught my attention. Or maybe they are synchronies? I think of a confluence as plural, and a syncrony as dualistic only (between two rather than among many).
Being here alone (no other people) feels good. I do the animals and connect better with the setting, the environment (birds, pond, turtles, frogs, grasses, flowers, trees, sky). Last night an owl was close to the house, and a bat was in the house! Flapped over me a couple of times in the sunroom. Mei Mei hasn’t ventured near me at night; Frankie is too vigilant and jealous. The birds alternate between chatter and relative quiet. Overall, things have progressed smoothly (except for me avoiding cleaning/organizing tasks by being online!)

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