fat lip

Ingrid owns the heaviest TV I have ever encountered! Not to mention the 20 steps down (old apt) and 30 steps up (new apt). But we pulled it off on the muggiest day of summer in about 3 hours. Cole and I bonded around the experience, even though he slammed the sofa into my lip when we got jammed in a door (it’s not that swollen but I can tell – and it still hurts!)
We rocked with five cars and lots of helpers – Ingrid’s got a great clutch of friends. Lucky gal! I think we should start a betting pool on how she’s gonna get all her stuff arranged in this much smaller apartment (it will be cozy, to say the least). 😉

3 thoughts on “fat lip”

  1. I’m thinking of a new fashion for living spaces… “bunk chairs”
    She could stack them, find something to lift the top chair up high enough so that the person below can sit in safety.
    Great seeing you yesterday. Hope your lip is better 🙂

  2. *chuckle* such a good time – even with the humidity and stairs. 🙂 i’m thinking julie has a great idea with the “bunk chairs”. i’m curious to see how the apartment turns out when all is said and done.

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