Expecto Patronus!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is scary-feeling, all the way through. The mood (lighting, music) is almost all dark and invokes uncertainty and threat. They’ve taken the bones of the story and reproduced it….it all seems to happen very fast…all the transitions and character and relationship development in the book is rendered in short-hand: you know it’s there but you don’t really see it happen. The new Dumbledore is (how could it be otherwise?) disappointing. The all-pervasive wisdom and sense-of-humor is weakened by a casual disregard for the immediate (Dumbledore would never, ever inflict pain through carelessness, as occurs in the hospital scene when he slaps Ron’s wounded leg). 🙁
Otherwise, as the turning point in the series, when the forces of evil start to gain ascendancy and the battle starts to seem unending, I think it serves its purpose well.

I, of course, left the movie preferring it to my own mundane, seemingly hopeless “reality”. %-/ Thank god I have my own “band” of solid friends to knock my sorry ass around once in awhile and shift me out of self-pity. 🙂
I read some comments at Schteino.com….they saw it almost two months ago (am I behind the times or what?) 😉 Anyway, I added my own two cents…
(and will add this blog to the rss)

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