excerpts from Tao of Democracy

Tom Atlee emails links to some resources on citizen deliberation:
1. Thanks to Critt Jarvis, the chapters from my book THE TAO OF DEMOCRACY that specifically talk about citizen deliberative councils are available to you free on the Web.
Chapter 12 The Canadian Experiment (the MACLEAN’S magazine 1991 “People’s Verdict” forum.
Chapter 13 Citizens deliberate about public issues (stories about citizen juries and consensus conferences).
Chapter 14 Citizen deliberative councils (citizen deliberation as a source of wisdom and political effectiveness).
2. Thanks to Dr. Lyn Carson in Australia (and a lot of students she worked with), we now have a manual to help youth — from mid-high school through college age — to create their own citizen juries.
Shiny Glass Beads may be another blog for the rss.

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