Driver’s License!

I think everyone should keep a sharp eye out for Korean drivers and especially HUNJU! Oh my gosh, she is LEGAL. 🙂 Definitely time for a celebration, don’t you think? (Maybe a sleepover at Carolyn’s, so no one has to worry about driving home afterwards?)
Oops ~ I’m not supposed to tease her in public. 🙁 Do you think she will try to run me over? 🙂 Respect, where IS it?!!! (In steph-speak teasing = affection, grin.)

2 thoughts on “Driver’s License!”

  1. hhhh..Thank you for teasing me Steph..I really enjoy being teased by somebody because then I can also tease the person..hahaha..
    Anyway, yep..we have to celebrate my small achievement, and as steph mentioned, you have to be more careful on the road because there are all kinds of crazy drivers like me…hhhh…………
    Okay.. I think I can stay over in Caroline’s house..Let’s do it…^_^
    Anyway, let me know the direction from school to Caroline’s house before the party time, then I can drive by myself even though it might possible for me not to get to Caroline’s house forever(I am very bad at reading a map and I have a terrible sense of direction).

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