Kayla became the first of Hannah’s friends to reach double digits! Last night Hannah hosted a special private birthday sleepover for Kayla, complete with an elaborate dinner (custard for dessert) and many gifts.
After dinner we lay on the deck watching stars. I punched Kayla in the cheek and tried to poke out her eye. Then we played Elvis monopoly and Kayla had the least money but the most property. Do you think she won?
Hannah was the consummate host. She even protected Kayla from me by trying to roll me off the back deck. 🙁

2 thoughts on “10!”

  1. that was a great sleepover,although Kayla almost pushed Steph off the deck. And I was constepated.Frankie went bezerk when Kayla came, and almost bit off her toe.And every time Kayla got up from her seat,Frankie barked & growled. she also chewed up 2 bubble gum packets!

  2. Well, Hannah, *I* wasn’t going to tell the world that we called the doctor and were worried we might have to take you to the emergency room for an appendectomy! Luckily, it *was* just constipation, and all is well. But your moms didn’t get much sleep that night, even AFTER you finally did!

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