“wolfowitz of arabia”

Sam’s niece Jennifer sent this article by Maureen Dowd, Wolfie’s Fuzzy Math.

Wolfie’s Fuzzy Math
Published: May 2, 2004
This administration is the opposite of “The Sixth Sense.”
They don’t see any dead people.
Beyond the president’s glaring absence at military funerals; beyond the
Pentagon’s self-serving ban on photographing the returning flag-draped
coffins at Dover; beyond playing down the thousands of wounded and
maimed American troops and the thousands of hurt and dead Iraqi
civilians, now comes the cruel arithmetic of Paul Wolfowitz.
What can you say about a deputy defense secretary so eager to invade
Iraq he was nicknamed Wolfowitz of Arabia, so bullish to remold the
Middle East he froze the State Department out of the occupation and then
mangled it, who doesn’t bother to keep track of the young Americans who
died for his delusion?
Those troops were killed while they were still trying to fathom the
treacherous tribal and religious beehive they were never prepared for,
since they thought they’d be helping build schools and hospitals for
grateful Iraqis.
Asked during a Congressional budget hearing on Thursday how many
American troops had been killed in Iraq, Mr. Wolfowitz missed by more
than 30 percent. “It’s approximately 500, of which

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