the dog-mom

I really think I should say more about Denise. She’s gone waaaaay overboard on this dog thing. I met the seven-month-old puppy today and mommy was already doting on this dog. I think Bardsley has her figured out too – cooperate for treats but not for nothing else! We’ll see how trainable he really is – peeing twice in the pet store wasn’t exactly an auspicious start! I didn’t tell her how badly Frankie and Mei-Mei get along (she has a cat too).
Of course, I’m pretty sure she just roped me in to act as a character reference (she’s a character alright), and I think her job as a journalist might be bogus. Her paper, the Springfield Union-News, doesn’t even have a website – how real can they possibly be? Too bad; I wanted to see how she actually wrote that Girl Scout Reunion story…

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