The hike last night was fun, despite the initial heat and small size of our ultimate group. We lost Li’s family to the heat – although the top of the mountain was at least 15 degrees cooler (very pleasant), and by the time we got back down the temp had gone down considerably (although it was still a bit muggy). Swati had a work obligation come up at the last moment but still met us to contribute the brownies she’d baked (they were yummy!).
So, Bill, Denise, Ingrid and I made the trek. It was half the distance of last week’s Bare Mountain hike. Denise and Ingrid jogged part of it (!) to show up me ‘n Bill. hmmph! Otherwise we took it at a leisurely pace, nothing like last week’s sprint. (See, even *I* can go slow sometimes!)
The view from the top was hazy so we couldn’t make out the Seven Sisters (the range that includes Bare Mountain) We were treated to an expose of Springfield’s corrupt animal shelter and Denise’s dog-training ambitions.
The stroll down was over in a heartbeat (so it seemed) and we went to Bill’s for eats. He surprised us with scratch margaritas (!) and we had a yummy grill and more talk – mostly about Springfield politics. Nothing like two natives (more-or-less), a journalist’s inside view, and communication analysis to illuminate the institutional aspects of government!
There was other odd talk, here and there, about a wide range of topics, including tribunals and CIA files, for which one could only have been present to appreciate. ­čÖé
Next up – tubing in Deerfield?

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