Sam says

“Love is a ticklish sensation around your heart that turns out to be a pain-in-the-ass.”
Visited with Sam yesterday, post-birthday (June 28). His room was profuse with flowers (Lee’s doing?) and about 30 birthday cards from around the world. He was in good spirits, although markedly slowed down. No evidence of aphasia, but time moves at a completely different pace for him and one must be able to adjust in order to communicate smoothly. He’s felt a loss of energy that he brought it up with his doc last week, who told him that he had a lot more energy now than he did 2-3 months ago. He seemed more alert and engaged to me than he did during my winter visits.
Sam wanted to know if I’d been in touch with Lee (not for awhile), or anyone else. I thought I had a recent letter from the Vecchiati’s (his Brazilian family) with me but the ones I had were old ‘ I have to scour my inbox and see if there’s one I didn’t manage to get printed yet. P&L are forewarned of a dental bill. Jennifer is wished well. Sam was trying to find a letter from Manjeca to share with me but we were unable to locate it. Very sorry to hear that she’s having a rough time these days.
Updated Sam on my mom’s recent move, he’s glad she’s happy but I could see it distressed him that John has declined so much. Did not tell him about my dad’s recent mild stroke; time for that later. He inquired about [the BM] 🙂 she’s a trooper, there’s just no other way to describe her skills at navigating so many difficult parental dynamics – and [the FP] (we had a good talk yesterday and I left without crying, a huge improvement). He also asked about Petr. We’re all concerned that either the cancer has returned or there is some other health complication. Not much good news on the health and happiness front these days. sigh
Meanwhile, Sam was upbeat and ready for an outing. I’ll pick him up Wednesday to go to the early showing of Fahrenheit 9-11. It’s an unflattering view of Bush (to say the least), but I think Moore has done a good job of NOT making it against all Republicans or even all conservatives. And he doesn’t go out of his way to make the Democrats look that great either ‘ it’s really a critique of Bush and his close circle’s unpalatable exercise of power.
Anyway, when Sam hesitated about the movie (or seemed to ‘ I think he was actually working out the logistics in his mind), I said he could stay there on his butt if he preferred. Got a huge grin. Of course he’s gung ho for it. 🙂 We spent some time talking about voting; seems he is the only resident of Eden Park who votes. That’s a sad commentary on health care, in and of itself ‘ the reinforcement of disenfranchisement. I told him he has his work cut out for the fall. 🙂

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