gotta find a balance to all the things I need to do. so scattered with this project and that idea popping up here and there hard to get momentum focused on ONE THING. 😉
Been reading Zohar (slowly); and my mind wanders:
a name for my business? complementarity? discontinuity? indeterminancy?
what’s the difference between a quanta and a wave packet?
Of course – I’m linking this to the poststructuralist conversation with George, and hoping my new buddies, Koushik and Ambaresh will come to my rescue. 🙂
Next follows a paragraph from Zohar on “movement”.

“The new description of motion as a series of disrupted leaps was one of the most fundamental conceptual changes to come out of quantum theory. It was like replacing the smooth flow of real life with jerky, broken stills that make up the individual frames of a film. Indeed, the theory showed us that all motion – even that which we perceive as smooth and continuous – is structured like the successive presentation of frames of a film. And just as a film might occasionally skil a bit in the projector, so subatomic particles can leap several ‘frames’ ahead, leaving out the intermediate steps that might seem more natural. The analogies with mental and cultural processes are legion” (p. 30).
Now, this seems to be implying that the quantum leap might follow a predetermined path (“ahead”), but another crucial part of quantum theory is that the wave/particle duality enacts uncertainty and this inherent indeterminancy generates possibilities of these leaps occurring in ANY direction, not necessarily the one that seems most likely.

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