minorities and the Senate

Well, the Senate may not have stepped up to the plate when black Americans needed it – I wonder if the shame from that fed their resistance to Bush on this one? Senate Blocks Bush Move to Ban Same-Sex Marriage.
It seems to me that I recall Vice-President Gore actually asked members of the Senate NOT to sign the complaint about the election results in Florida and the disenfranchisement of African-American voters there (shown in Fahrenheit 9/11)…..something about the constitutional crisis it would throw the country into, no precedent or mechanism in place to deal with what that would mean. 🙁 Obviously an egregious error in judgment, whatever the reason someone should have signed along with a House member anyway. But it does cause me to wonder, now, about the cyclical nature of things and the distribution of bones to groups vying for legitimation by the powers that be.
~ article posted by Sonny Suchdev to the social justice listserv

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