his liver, his kidney, or his mind?

Dad was full of complaints today; Carolyn says its a sign of vigor – it means he’s getting some energy and is over the sheer relief of still being alive. Ok, if she says so! ­čśë
He did say today it was his liver that had 1/3 sliced off of it; I’m pretty sure yesterday he said kidney. Maybe I heard it wrong, maybe he was confused. Anyway, all seems on track although they’ve decided he has a cracked rib, and the fractures in his pelvis are right at the joint with the tibia, so while he needs to start exercising he has to be careful not to put too much weight on it or it will “explode.” He was definitely moving around more, even though it hurts. Supposedly he’ll move into a room on the orthopedic floor, which will give him more access to PT and other rehab equipment. go dad go!

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