grad lounge

Well, Joanna started this whole campaign and she ended it tonight with a flourish. ­čśë Thank goodness Li came to help or it would have been just her and I and between the two of us we might have faded or decomposed at some point. (Someone was a no show. Hmmph!) I scored several tupperware containers full of biology experiments from the refrigerator. Snatched a few books for my buddies Raz and Donna. (I already snatched one for Danny last week from Christian’s stash.) All I can say is that room was one grimy slime pit and now it’s sparkling! I’m not sure listening to the Democratic National Convention was our most inspired source of entertainment, although we did enjoy Al Sharpton‘s speech. Otherwise I have to say it was background noise. Carolyn said John Edwards “hit a home run” with his speech, the crowd “loved him”. Hopefully that translates into actual VOTES come November!
So far, I enjoyed Teresa Heinz-Kerry the most, even though – or perhaps especially? – because the media is bashing her so hard.

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