Meanwhile, while political and moral discourses feed racism against American Indians for their economic success at providing gambling venues, Big Y (a grocery store chain) now promotes gambling when you check out! (The linked article doesn’t specify the gadgetry I encountered yesterday, but you can see the connection.) Nice little computerized gambling option when you pay your bill – if you “win” you get a reduction in what you owe. If you lose….well, your bill doesn’t go up, but your privacy takes a hit. While the US isn’t using rfid – radio frequency identification chips – yet, there are numerous ways that our habits as consumers are getting pegged to us as individuals. Business is all for them, with a journal dedicated to so-called objective information (aka advertising). private citizens….? Katherine Albrecht says we need limits. I agree. An article in Wired Magazine quotes a marketer for rfid:
Introducing gambling games is a means of training consumers to “play along” without necessarily realizing what we’re giving up. 🙁

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