Dad was in a car

Dad was in a car wreck last Friday; I just learned about it yesterday afternoon. Put a bit of a kink in my recent improved mood by highlighting my relational aloneness. 🙁
It seems he will be ok but I still have some questions, such as, why was he in ICU for two days? Why did it take six days before someone called to let me know? He guessed he’d be in the hospital for another week or so while his blood production gets in gear – they’re monitoring his platelet count among other things.
He was in good spirits – cracking jokes and generally making light of the whole thing. Said the doc had told him to “eat like a pig”, and Dad told me “You’d have to BE a pig to eat a lot of this food!” 🙂 He hasn’t had much appetite anyway but I guess they’re worried about his energy level and weight.
I said he was on a roll and could stop now. He said he now knows two things he never wants to do again [stroke and car accident], and that he has a lot more empathy for others who’ve been in wrecks. He was “looking forward” to his first PT appointment; said he can hardly move his entire left side. Seems he’s even taking the pain in stride. Kindof a wry guy.

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