constructing memory

This book by Berdahl is amazing. I think it has some gems that James and I could use for the history paper. And the parallelism with/for me and [the FP] is serendipitous, to say the least. Check this out:
“..memory is an interactive, malleable, and highly contested phenomenon…asymmetrical…and the interplay between local and extralocal processes of remembering” (p. 207). And this quote from an informant in the study: “The further we come away, the more we scrub ourselves clean” (p. 215).
Berdahl is exploring the change between the lived day-to-day experience of residents of this small town on the border between East and West Germany and their later commemoration of it after ‘the Wende’ ‘ reunification. Many things have occurred in the larger national discourse that allows these residents to discursively position themselves as victims (and accuse others of perpetration)’.the parallels I see are simply around how each person constructs memory and how the telling of events builds toward stories which can become reified. The deepest level of struggle now, for me, is to resist the momentum of my own discursive story and find a way to hear and take in another story without overlaying an habitualized interpretation upon it. Just to allow the possibility would be a significant change’

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