blame Becky!

I just became an official Kerry volunteer.
And read the campaign’s blog, for the first time. According to them he’s drawn crowds of 17,000 and 20,000 in major events since the convention ended.
The volunteer page is a trip. By volunteering, I “earned” 25 points (towards what?!) and am ranked 646,496th overall. I guess he’s on his way to a million official volunteers, eh?
~ rss this one too?

2 thoughts on “blame Becky!”

  1. Sorry Steph. The point system goaded me to do it. I felt oddly competitive when I saw that. (then thought, hey, what a strategy! it really worked!)
    Thanks! You’re my first recruit! (I don’t believe I have ever said that before…..)

  2. We’ll have to see how motivated I am….I *do* want to make a tangible difference, but fitting into a structure so I can earn points? Oh vey… ­čÖé

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