Dad called yesterday to let me know he had a mild stroke on Thursday. He lost the use of his left (dominant) arm. He seems ok; they ran an extensive battery of tests and couldn’t find anything except elevated blood pressure (his is usually quite good, so I’m guessing that was a reaction to the stroke, not the cause). Says his arm is back to about 80% now. One test not yet back has to do with blood enzymes, but his heart, arteries, and brain all looked great. Probably stress related.
The bro is still in rehab (4th placement in a row, I think?) and doing ok there. Speaking of parallelism, the synchrony of events between mom and I is downright weird, however our choices about how to deal are radically different. I’d like to think it indicates that I’ve learned my way out of some of the most destructive aspects of my growing up family’s dynamics, but maybe I’ve just invented my own bizarre twist to them, who knows?!

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