solstice reading

What a great ritual Ingrid and I did on Bare Mountain! After an invigorating 25 minute hike up, we took in the view of the happy valley then settled down to business.
After smudging with sage, we each collected a few leaves and wrote on them fears and/or angers that we wanted to discharge. I envisioned my two in broad, rather than specific terms, although I did have specific people/situations in mind.
~ fear of hurting (others) and being hurt
~ anger about fear (in myself and others)
Then we shredded our leaves into the sage smudge and let them smolder, purified by fire, before tossing them to the wind. The really cool thing that happened is that while we were doing the purifying part, four turkey vultures flew right up to us and circled several times, probably drawn by the smell of burning sage (truly yummy).
We ate then, and Ingrid read from her animal medicine cards book about the critters in her dreams last night, and about dragonfly (who we also saw at the peak), and I read about raven (closest we could get to turkey vultures, smile). Then, I did a spread, drawing swan in the east, buffalo in the south, contrary whale in the west, contrary crow in the north, and contrary moose in the center. Wow. I have to say that it was one of the best (in terms of gratifying) readings I’ve ever had. ­čÖé Included several cautions but validated

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