Tom Atlee just sent around an email with some plugs for the power of silence and some links to online sources that have to do with intentional silences, structuring moments or periods of silence deliberately into processes of communication. James and I are suggesting problematic moments as unintended silences, those which befall a group, not those instigated consciously by a group or any of its members. Still, some of the points have carryover.
For instance, this short page on the Co-Intelligence Institute’s website on group silence: “Whenever we are uncomfortable with silence — by ourselves or as a group — that is a sign that something needs to come forth. Silence can begin a process of healing; and sometimes that is difficult. But an individual or a group that has the courage to work through what comes up will be deeper and richer for it.
Getting closer to our conception, The Manchester Gestalt Center opens an article on On The Use and Power of Silence in Groups with the statement that references in the literature on group therapy mention it “only in the context of silence as a problem for group leaders and members, rather than a resource.”
The author, John Bernard Harris, quotes from a text, Feminist Groupwork, what he says was the only reference he could find to silence as a group phenomenon: ““Group identity is manifested through the distinct energetic qualities of group

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