one worst year

I survived another driving lesson with Hunju yesterday. Ohmygosh! She’s improved so much but the 12-point turn in the middle of rush hour traffic on Rt 9 just about did me in. 🙂 Later, she was telling me about the Korean notion that everyone has “the one worst year” in their life. We decided this probably is mine. Ingrid suggested however, that I shouldn’t tempt my luck by making any predictions or assumptions about how much (or even whether) things could be any worse. Obviously, they could be. Thanks, universe! I think I’ve had about enough!
Unfortunately for Hunju, she doesn’t think she’s had hers yet. Ingrid rejects the notion altogether – how depressing would it be to anticipate a year of hell? Seems like one of those double-edged aphorisms: can be a comfort from the point-of-view of struggle, and a bane from the point-of-view of the relatively undisturbed.

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