internecine desk warfare

I almost had to take Danny out. Challenge him to a duel or something. He presumptively posted his name on Scott’s soon-to-be-vacated desk BUT I got to Deb first (!) and got assigned to the desk officially. hehehe
I also discovered that Jolane won’t be back….so then I was faced with a dilemma. Be kind to Danny (who’s kind to Danny?!) and take the southern desk, or persist in my original aim and intention to claim the northern desk? Luckily for me (and Danny!), Shalini was wandering the halls looking for Benjamin. We did each other reciprocal favors. I let her use the phone, she consulted with me regarding the energy of each desk’s space.
I’ll take the southern desk, letting Danny keep the northern one. We’ll have to share the bookcase. 🙂

3 thoughts on “internecine desk warfare”

  1. NO WMDs* to be found in Machmer —
    Jeepers! Sorry, Steph, but Scott asked me if I wanted his desk a couple of months ago. As he instructed, I then asked Debbie (over a month ago) if this was ok and she gave me the green light. She also told me to clearly mark the desk with my name such that people from the incoming class don’t claim it. Not knowing when name tags of the new class were going to be distributed, I tacked my name over the desk before leaving town for a few days, just to be on the safe side. My real mistake was in assuming that Deb was keeping some sort of record of, and making decisions about, requests for such changes. This is all there is to it, and I have the email correspondences to prove it. This is a tough way for me to learn that you are not as happy as you look in your current central command center type setup in our office.
    Evil Danny
    Master of Desk Warfare
    P.S., If you want it, you can have it.
    P.P.S., I do agree with your suggestion that not enough people are kind to Danny. 🙂
    * WMD – Weird Maneuverings for Desks

  2. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to both Steph and Danny, Scott has left a whole raft of crapola on the bottom shelf of said bookcase – with a removal date yet to be determined. Looks as though his cluttered, disorganized energy will be pervading all desks, both north and south, for some time to come (mwah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh!!!).
    Oh, and now that the great desk controversy has been put to rest – let’s talk mid-afternoon couch privileges, people!

  3. Oh dear, my game’s been called! Command Central was my best effort at office-mate-dom. It worked pretty well in the fall when I was actually sociable, but this past spring I couldn’t quite pull off being the extrovert. I’m hoping direct doses of sun will improve my internal disposition and protect Danny from other WMD – weird manueverings of dysphoria.
    I do propose that Scott however, should receive NO couch privileges until said crapola is removed from bottom shelf!

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