good friends

Yup, my friends have been awesome. Just want to acknowledge this, despite everything else, my friends are rocks. There’s Sarbjeet, who confided me during a private moment yesterday that I didn’t look like I’d been taking care of myself (gasp! the nerve!); and Ingrid, who presented a compelling argument that the reason I remain optimistic about a happy future with [the FP] (not necessarily as lovers but at least as friends) is because the visions or intuitions I have about said happy future are actually glimpses of a parallel dimension in which we ARE happy together. Unlike this dimension in which all indicators of reality are that we’ll be lucky if we can even maintain cursory communication for any significant amount of time.
I’m tempted by this different dimension notion, it would let me off the hook in some regard, perhaps make it easier to “let go” (the one piece of advice that seems to recur most frequently). I understand, via Stephen Hawking, that science actually supports the notion of different dimensions, however these alternative dimensions do not have the same characteristics as ours does, which makes belief in parallelism a bit more challenging for moi. It doesn’t make me a disbeliever, per se, but I must say that I approach such concepts with a fair amount of skepticism. One of the sanest people I know (who also qualifies in the good friend category) regularly reveals her vision of multiple dimensions and realities and I don’t disbelieve her experience; its just my own perception that I question!
There are other friends too (not to neglect anyone!). Raz has disappeared into the tangled dimension of eastern Europe. Ruth’s steady pager presence is a constant source of humor and common sense. Li and Qun are very generous with their time and their baby (who I wish to claim as my own, but that would be a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?). Carolyn is terrific too. Then there’s the wider circle of folk who I interact with more loosely and yet still meaningfully…who knows, perhaps they too will warrant a mention in this sycophantic weblog. 🙂

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