For years (most of my life) I had “escape dreams”. Up until my 30’s, these were me trying to escape from something with no help. They weren’t actually nightmares, they were scary but not usually terrifying. More as if it was just a fact of my life that I had to get away from….all kinds of characters. People who wanted me for some usually unspecified but no good reason (or none that I wanted to participate in). About ten years or so ago, these dreams started to include me and others…I was responsible for assisting a handful of folk to get away from whoever was chasing us.
Last night I dreamed about being in court. I was defending myself against some baseless accusation and testifying to adverse impact upon my life. The particular detail I recall is how I was sometimes prevented from working, and that I only got paid when I was able to work.
Upon waking, what struck me was a change in theme of my dreams in general. I think this has been going on for awhile. Instead of escaping, its about sticking – about standing my ground and facing the “chasers” or “accusers”. I don’t recall other dreams now, but I do have this image in mind, which I don’t think I’ve dreamed but comes to me every now and then: of my feet growing roots and anchoring me in a nonphysical yet substantial firmament.

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