Arad is a sweet town, and Raz and his mom are terrific hosts. 🙂 Andrea is spending most of her time sleeping – she told us she prefers 10 hours/night but her average so far is 13. 🙂 We’re, of course, getting to know each other better. Both of them seem quite clear on the fact that even though I’m serious about most of what I do, underneath I’m often quite amused. (Dang – exposed!)
Raz’ buddy Afry is an experience in and of himself. (Not to put any pressure on him to perform when he gets to the US this fall.) We talked about quantum physics yesterday and wouldn’t you know he was online within hours looking up Weyl curvatures. He found some interesting stuff on whales too. 😉
Tonight we’re off to a neighboring town, and tomorrow I return to Budapest for a night and day before the flight back to Stockholm. Do I sound like a jetsetter or what?!!!

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