Well, Andrea caught some weird behavior from me back in January when the news of [the FP]’s and my break-up was fresh. Territoriality about the computer lab (whatever!) and anti-social behavior in the parking garage (“Go ahead. RUN me down!”)
Yesterday I realized I projected a whole lot of frustration onto/into the Media Watchdog Project – a safe place, I guess, to process the extreme liminality I’m experiencing. Then I came unglued during class – a bit too raw to be delving into growing up stuff perhaps? It was “easier” being a kid and totally checked out, but i keep reminding myself its good to be aware of being in a body with emotional capacity!
The weekend in Vermont was rough. I figure the ratio was about 1 1/2 hours of really good contact/interaction with Hannah and 47 hours of agony. Hmm. Wonder how long it’ll be before I complete the transition of “being a different person in the same place”, as Carolyn described it.
I did get a lot of work done for Alaska, upcoming, and my class, and even made progress on that blasted quantitative analysis paper….

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