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From Senator Stan Rosenberg
Knowing of your interest in the proposed constitutional amendment which
would define marriage as between one man and one woman, I am writing to
inform you that the Supreme Judicial Court responded this morning (February
4) to the Senate’s request for an advisory opinion regarding the courts
ruling that same sex marriages must be allowed and recognized under the
Massachusetts constitution. In its response, the court said that the draft
of a bill that would have permitted civil unions instead of marriage did not
meet constitutional standards. This re-affirms the courts earlier ruling and
sets the stage for the February 11th constitutional convention at which the
proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage could be
considered. This proposed amendment is the eighth amendment on the calendar
and proceeding in the order of the calendar would mean seven other issues
would be debated first. Although it is possible that the amendment will not
be debated on that day, it is also possible that the proponents of the
amendment may choose to use parliamentary maneuvers to move the matter up on
the calendar, taking it ahead of some or all of the items listed before it.
There has also been much discussion about the possibility of amending the
proposed amendment. The current proposal is so restrictive that it would
not allow for any benefits or civil unions. Some are proposing to make it
less restrictive so that civil unions would be possible.
You will recall that the ruling of the SJC established May 17 as the first
date that marriage licenses can be issued to same-sex couples. Although
attorneys that I have consulted have indicated that they cannot think of any
means available, the opponents of same-sex marriage will most likely try to
find ways to delay the implementation of the court’s order.
I hope this information is helpful to you. As you know from previous
correspondence, I oppose the constitutional amendment and will continue to
work with the GLBT community and others interested in preventing
discrimination from being written into the Constitution and protecting the
civil rights of all.
State Senator
Posted to the Social Justice listserv by Felice Yeskel.

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