not to smile

Hannah came in to wake me up Thursday morning and plopped herself on the bed, telling me about the day before. I started tickling her toes and she stopped talking and sat stone-faced…I kept tickling and she didn’t blink! Finally, I said, “Don’t smile!” and she cracked up. I told her that yesterday I’d had to “not smile” for an entire hour. Why? For my class, because it helps people learn how to be confident in themselves when someone isn’t always trying to be friendly and make things nice. She said, “You’re good at that.”
Of course, I had to jump out of bed and chase her. 🙂
My students might agree. We had our last communication lab yesterday and some of my “consultations” were along the lines of how they seemed to be in flight from emotions. When they didn’t pick up on this, but instead starting to do more and more out-loud thinking, I said, “Run faster!” One of the guys said, “You’re relentless” and I laughed. OOPS!
Anyway, they have done a tremendous job and I am very proud of them. They’ve been posting homework assignments twice a week on their own class blog. Impressive!

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