doing alright!

Visited with Sam last night for a couple of hours. Finally. He was in pretty good spirits and had good energy – he’s just recovered from an awful flu-bug that actually sent him to the hospital for a short stay. He really enjoyed seeing his niece, Jennifer, at Christmas and is looking forward to another visit from her and her mom (his sister, Edith) in February. He got lots of good Christmas presents (and is still doling some out to company) and enjoyed time with his friends and god-children.
We gave him the video Nosey Parker, he was going to watch it last night. He just finished watching the 10-part series, Band of Brothers.
I’m now hoping I don’t get whatever he had; the third floor was still under semi-quarantine and I had to wear a mask the whole time I was there. (Cross your fingers for me, ok?) 🙂

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