discrimination vs international students

Some domestic students were at the press conference against the new surveillance fee for international students but the University is corresponding separately with international students (via email)…another divide and conquor technique? Here are two stories on yesterday’s press conference, in which George elicited wild, spontaneous applause (causing those of us who know him to wonder at the rebel within…)
The UMass-Amherst campus newspaper ran Groups speak out to uphold civil liberties.
The local tv channel 22 also posted a story on their website:
Proposed Fees Controversial to International Students
(WWLP, December 11, 2003) – International students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst are angry over a proposed fee being imposed upon them. The University is proposing a $65 fee each semester to fund a federal program to track international student and these students say that it is discrimination at its purest. The proposed $65 fee is not required by any governmental agency but it comes out of the controversial US Patriot Act, which was passed shortly after September 11th. Many critics say the law infringes upon the civil liberties of citizens by giving the government too much power. Students feel they are being asked to pay for their own surveillance; a surveillance they say is racist and discriminatory. “A lot of us are angry at this monitoring system as a whole and we’ve sort of felt the backlash since Sept. 11th

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