clarification (if needed?)

It occurred to me that people may think the final video will “document” the group process we went through this past Fall. Nothing is further from the truth! Li and I agreed before we ever even started that the group process was the mechanism to generate “data” or “footage”, but that it would probably be invisible in the final video.
If I’ve got Li’s intention correct, the final video WILL put international students at “the center of the discourse” by highlighting the concerns, issues, problems, challenges, successes, preferences, joys (!) of being international students here at UMass.
I finally actually counted how many people participated in one phase or another of the project. 39 including me and Li! Wow! And we had a 50% return rate on the final permission forms by the first deadline, which seems AWESOME to me. Grin! Li is following up with those we didn’t receive now. We’re hopeful that most (if not all?) of the ones we hadn’t received were due just to being busy at this insane time of the semester/year.

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  1. We have made some more progress when I get to read this log. And by “we,” I mean all of us, not just the project crew, although in a sense, we are all crew of the project.
    About the “center” — When I was reading Chantal Mouffe’s writing on Gramsci the other day, I noticed the term “hegemonic principle,” which comprises the “central” value system of a leading social group, which organizes the rearticulation of ideological elements, i.e. assigns differentiated values to these elements. But what has it to do with the project? Any link? Can somebody tell me? Thanks!

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