System – not regime – change

The following is quoted from a recent email by Tom Atlee:
“I have not spoken out on this list for any candidate for President of the U.S., believing that the dynamics of presidential elections feed expectations that a white knight will ride to the rescue. I believe these expectations are — unfortunately, and to a great extent — an illusion. The overwhelming evidence, it seems to me, is that the system is set up to ultimately prevent transformational politicians from having the effects they and their followers dream of — even if they were elected.
I may well be wrong, but I like to think that a system-change focus would ultimately take us further than a regime-change focus. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, see What Could We Do to Take Back Our Democracy? and Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake, which describe the innovations I see as most critical. [You can also] explore over a hundred approaches to a wiser democracy.
That said, however, I realize that systemic change does not offer the compelling drama provided by the archetypal heroic battles of election campaigns. The political battle will predominate, I have no doubt, and its outcomes will have significant consequences (although not always what the partisans think in the polarized intensity of the battle, where there is precious little time for serious reflection on the larger picture and the likely consequences of this or that outcome).
So, rather than arguing for or against electoral work or particular candidates, I have continued to promote co-intelligence and wise democratic innovations. Someday, I believe, these possibilities will ripen into grassroots activities and political campaigns that focus more on empowering our collective wisdom than on pushing partisan positions and heroic candidates.”

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