on being a dyke

The dominant culture’s derogatory use of “dyke” is celebrated/perpetuated in most dictionary definitions (a tool of control if ever there was one). To wit:
1. [n]

One thought on “on being a dyke”

  1. This is interesting! I sincerely thought that ‘dyke’ was a derogatory term. You make a case for its use as a political/identity statement. Just out of curiosity: Would that mode of use (i.e. using ‘dyke’ to reference identity) enable e.g. a white male like myself to use the word ‘dyke’ on someone and not offend her? In other words, would I be able to affirm someone’s identity as a ‘dyke’ by the mere use of the term? Or would my follow-up explanation (“Well, you know, I’m not using that term in a negative way because as Steph once explained to me etc.”) soften the derogatory edge?
    I’m sure the reaction would vary from individual to individual but I’m still wondering about how this word works in today’s U.S. society.

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