Life at the Beach II

I acquired a pair of sexy black panties. Not mine!
An omission – being “disciplined” as a member of the collective (“Resistance is Futile”) was a challenge because of the introvert factor. How do introverts survive in more group-based societies? The social rules must accommodate various forms or degrees of “less” participation in order to prevent too much grumpiness, let alone outright anti-social behavior.
And – those of us who didn’t attend 4-5 workshops a day were only making up for Leda, who presented somwhere in the range of 7-9 times, sometimes simultaneously! Someone slow that woman down….

One thought on “Life at the Beach II”

  1. I spent, mmm, about 3 hours on the beach. Short time, but in a really “decadent” way ­čśë
    The roasted chicken at the Cuban restaurant was divine; the oyster at the Chinese buffet was scandalous; the dance (ours) at Twist was, mmm, consubstantial. D, T, and I also had a great gelleto (?) adventure.
    Life is beautiful!

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