One thing that worries me about Dean

Excerpt from Washington Post’s “Democratic Hopefuls Play Down Gun Control:”
“Howard Dean, the early front-runner this year, proudly tells audiences that the National Rifle Association endorsed him as governor of Vermont. As president, Dean said he would leave most gun laws to the states. The federal government, Dean said in an interview here, should not “inflict regulations” on states such as Montana and Vermont, where gun crime is not a big problem. New York and California “can have as much gun control as they want,” but those states — and not the federal government — should make that determination, he said. ”

3 thoughts on “One thing that worries me about Dean”

  1. Is it really “playing it down” to say the states can have determinative authority? I suppose it could undermine the legitimacy of federalism – but didn’t the Supreme Court do that already when they installed “our current illegitimate President” (as Donna always describes him)?

  2. Yup, it certainly did. All the more reason not to do it again 🙂
    Anyway, gun control is too big an issue to be waived just like that – my humble opinion…

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