News paragraph I liked

Here’s a paragraph from an IHT article that talks about the “de-Baathification” and “de-Saddamization” of textbooks in schools. I have seen that happen in a Romanian and this story sounds so familiar!
“Those lessons about Saddam were so boring and stupid, but we had no choice,” she said. “Anybody who laughed would be punished.” Some teachers, though, had a harder time saying farewell. When the educator, Hussein, and his committee started reviewing the textbooks, he recalled, one teacher balked during the first session.
“She was supposed to draw a line through a photograph of Saddam to show the printer what to remove,” Hussein recalled. “But when she put her pen at the corner of the picture she couldn’t bring herself to make the line. I said, ‘Don’t be afraid, bring the line down.’ She went halfway and stopped. I ordered her again, and finally she made it all the way. She looked up and said, ‘I can’t believe I was able to do that.'”

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