Metaphor for Mentoring

At 2:12 PM -0400 10/14/03, wrote:
Hm, you guys really made me think about an image that might stand for the
mentoring process. Last night an alternative to the bridge occurred to me. The
bridge emphasizes the individual’s road to success, and I was trying to focus
in on the ideal outcome. I think the ultimate outcome of an experince
facilitated by mentoring is integration into the community. I see mentoring as
the facilitation of engaging in the life of the department, of the university,
and of any other community that students wish to become inculded in. I
think “community” is best represented by an image that somehow suggests the
interconnectedness of parts that together constitute a system. The image of
the nervous system is the first thing that comes to my mind, with the thin
tendril-like arms running from one nerve cell to the other.
(“Nervous system…” hehe. Man I feel like part of a really nervous system
these days… ­čÖé
At 4:16 PM -0400 10/14/03, Stephanie Jo Kent wrote:
Some kind of schematic? A biological, textbook representation? We’ll have to start looking…
btw – David, that jibe (about being part of a really nervous system) isn’t about my need for psychiatric care, is it?
At 9:39 PM -0400 10/14/03, li gu wrote:
Hi David, Hi Steph,
The nervous system IS a great concept!!
From what I have heard, from both U.S. and int’l students, people are
yearning for a more generally supportive community. However, there is also a
shared feeling that if there is any community, it is yet to be built. So the
idea of community building fits winderfully. I also like it for it is
Of course, characterization of “the” community has been varied from person
to person, people to people. However, it seems shared that the community
would be great if it has a more supportive structure while at the same time
promotes extensive individual (academic, emotional, material, professional)
development. With this understanding, I did a search for images of “brain
nervous system” and “nodes,” and here are some that impress me most. I’ve
tried to pick images that suggest both “structuredness” and certain
“deviances.” However, the degree to which each of the characteristics are
allowed, accommodated, or not, varies. So we may pick more than one of them.
If these pics are too scientific, or just not good enough, how about some
more artistic drawings or paintings?
At 10:38 PM -0400 10/14/03, Stephanie Jo Kent wrote:
Could we superimpose the community image over the broken bridge? Juxtapose them in some way? Ditch the bridge completely?
At 2:03 PM -0400 10/15/03, wrote:
I’m glad you guys liked the idea! I did a search on “neuron” and I got these
two pics. See attached.
At 12:50 AM -0400 10/16/03, li gu wrote:
Nov. 2nd, 1-4pm
staff, faculty, grad students,

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